About Ian Coate

Ian Coate is a military artist and children’s book author and illustrator.  Ian is a former soldier trained as an illustrator-reprographic and military-photographer in the Royal Australian Survey Corps.

In 1994, he left the army to become a home-dad and pursue a career as an artist/illustrator. Since then, Ian has produced many illustrations for government health organisations and educational institutions. In his capacity as a military artist, his paintings are on display at museums around Australia, while his military prints are exhibited by collectors worldwide. 

Ian lives in Perth, WA. He is currently the Australian SAS Historical Foundation’s ‘Artist-in-Residence’ and co-creator of an Aussie book series called: Mythic Australia.

More details about Ian can be found at: https://iancoate.com/

About Prints

Prints are high quality reproductions of original artworks. A Signed, Limited-Edition Print indicates there will only be a set number and will not be re-printed. This makes Signed, Limited-Edition Prints very collectable for investors.

Prints are similar to shares in there is no certainty of their investment potential. However, Ian has had a number of his prints sold later at various auctions for well over $10,000 each (no, Ian didn’t receive anything from future sales – it all goes to the fortunate owner).

Are prints good investments? As investments, prints are like shares – there is an uncertain risk. The highest known resale of one of Ian’s prints to date is ‘Our Duties Done – VC Edition’. This Limited Edition originally cost $220. A single print (signed by four VC Recipients) was resold at a charity auction in 2013 raising $20,000. However, this is the exception and not the rule. The best rule in purchasing a print is to buy because it appeals or is meaningful to you.

Print Tip: Keep all prints away from direct sunlight or they will fade over time no matter the quality.

Thank you for your support.  When you purchase one of Ian’s prints, it allows him to continue creating future art.